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Roxy is frustrated that Ronnie still isn't out on bail, but when she confronts her sister's solicitor, she discovers that Ronnie has sacked him because she doesn't want to be released. On Christian's advice, Roxy then decides to visit Ronnie in prison and offers to get her a new solicitor. However, Ronnie dismisses this, insisting that she deserves to stay behind bars and claiming that Roxy only wants to help so she can prove to everyone that she's the stronger sister. Upset by Ronnie's words, Roxy leaves the prison. She later tells Christian that she has hired a new lawyer for Ronnie, but she can't help but wonder whether Ronnie is right and she really is just doing this for herself.

Meanwhile, it's Jane's 40th birthday and she receives a text message from Ian, who tells her to have a drink on him as he's away. However, Jane is frustrated that Ian didn't send her a card. Christian plans a birthday celebration for Jane at The Vic that night, but when she arrives, only Christian and Syed are there because everyone else is busy. However, Jane soon spots Martin at the bar and they start chatting. With things going well, Jane invites Martin back to her place. As they walk through the door at Jane's, the pair see Ian and Bobby standing there to surprise Jane on her birthday. Ian is stunned to see that Jane has a new love interest.

Elsewhere, Masood grows more convinced that Zainab is in love with Yusef, so he comes up with a romantic gesture to win her back, inviting her to the Argee Bhajee for a surprise. When Zainab arrives, she sees that Masood has covered the rubble in the restaurant with fairy lights. The ice between the pair begins to melt and they start to talk, with Masood admitting his concerns over Yusef. Zainab explains that she has told Yusef she loves Masood, so the couple finally agree to have no more arguments and not let anyone come between them. Soon afterwards at The Vic, Syed approaches his parents and tells them that, as they're now speaking, they need to start accepting Christian. However, Zainab and Masood make it clear that this is not going to happen. Later, Syed sits with Christian and it's clear that Syed is missing having his family around him. Christian soon suggests that they could start thinking about adoption...

Also today, Whitney tells Ryan that her test results are back and she has tested positive for Chlamydia; Lauren and Jack have a heart-to-heart; and Grace isn't happy about Fatboy and Mercy's wedding plans, though she concedes that it's better than Mercy being deported.